• Managing Director AAICR
Keywords: Research management, publication management, data management system


The study aimed to develop a system for the Research and Publications
Office in the archiving of documents. The study is an applied research as
it focused on Systems Development. Survey questionnaires, Interviews,
observations and internet surfing were employed as data gathering tools
to obtain relevant information that are instrumental to the development
of the system. There were 255 research participants which included five
(5) groups of users: the administrator, employees of the University, the
secretary and the dean of each department, and randomly selected guests
from the different departments. Frequency and Percentage Count, Mean,
Weighted Mean and Simple Random Sampling, and Slovin’s Formula
were employed for data analysis. The findings revealed that the current
system on research output management “needs improvement.” This
implies that the participants encountered difficulties in the submission
of research outputs in soft copies, sorting and monitoring of research
outputs, and feedbacking of results using the current system. Moreover,
the publication output management of the current system is “poor.” This
implies that the participants encountered difficulties in collecting, editing,
printing and sorting of publication outputs, and feedbacking of results.
Conversely, on research output management and publication output
management of the proposed system is “very satisfactory.” The proposed
research and publication data management system was assessed in terms
of its functionality, reliability, usability, maintainability and portability to
be “very highly efficient.” The result implies that the proposed system is
more efficient compared to the current system because it is automated
and it contains the desired features/capabilities to facilitate transactions,
processes and to keep track of research and publication outputs.