Research Advocacy for Community Empowerment (2019): A Multidisciplinary Research Poster Exhibition and Competition | February 2019 | Multiple Locations, Republic of the Philippines

The Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts (AAJMRA), Vol.3, No. 2 February 2019 issue contains "Research Advocacy for Community Empowerment 2019: A Multidisciplinary Research Poster Exhibition and Competition Abstract Proceedings". This intends to guide those who have concerns related to unaccounted submissions. Please make sure to search thoroughly as this issue contains more than 7,000 research abstracts. You may do a search through the PDF using your Submission ID for the submitted paper. Be sure to type the correct Submission ID with "-".

Please note that:
1. the second character of your submission ID is a "0" (zero number) and not letter "O";
2. you SHALL ONLY receive a response regarding this concern if your Submission ID is VERIFIED TO BE NOT FOUND in any of the 15 issue files;
3. submissions' names and spellings are based on what were entered into the system, hence, this particular journal issue cannot be edited any further. However, a summary of changes shall be published as an "erratum" page in one of AAJMRA's future issues based on reports, feedback and concerns received until the 10th of October 2019.


Please note also that this journal of abstracts issue already serves as proceedings of the authors' RACE 2019 participation in addition to the certificate of participation and certificate of recognition awarded. This is also just a supplemental venue to help disseminate the researcher-participants' output, hence the certificate of publication is not necessary to issue. 

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Published: 2019-08-16